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Your Local Business, we service Paradise Valley and Surrounding area Towns and Cities. Celebrating 20 years of local services benefiting clients and their customers.

Why a Single Page Website or Landing Page...

Use this Slider based, Single Page online presence as a unique Website and or Landing Page for your real estate, restaurant and or business's creative Internet Presence.

You have 20 seconds or less to capture the attention of your Website or Landing Page Visitor. Sometimes the only difference between your Website and your competition is the Creative Difference and the Photography. At david media solutions, Creative Difference comes standard, photography is a professional option we provide if needed with this Single Page Website and or Landing Page.

Built for optional Advanced Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing. These sites are fully secure with an SSL Domain. And meet all Internet standards for security and optimization for all screen sizes.

What We Do

Your Local Business is a personal home builder with the necessary expertise and eye for the beauty, quality and value demanded by today's intelligent home buyer.Your Local Business Home Buyers are treated to the Peace of Mind that comes from choosing the right home builder, who in turn will assist you with making the right decisions each step of the way.

Services We Offer

A Single Page Website and or Landing Page
Custom Slider Design
Unlimited content
Unlimited Photos and Videos
User Friendly Navigation
Fast response
Built for optional Advanced SEO/Internet Marketing
Content Assistance
SSL Certified Domain Hosting
Internet Hosting

Optional CMS (Content Management System)
Optional Blog (Requires CMS)
Optional High Dynamic Range Photography

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This Single Page Website
and or Landing Page
$575 + Hosting

There may be additional initial build cost with some CMS sites...Please ask...But we'll be able to determine if there are additional costs when we first discuss your needs. With most site builds, the $650 cost covers everything you will need for a successful online presence.

Internet Hosting Cost

Without CMS / $180 paid annually
Without CMS / $21 paid monthly

With CMS / $240 paid annually
With CMS / $26 paid monthly

About CMS...
Do you need it?

CMS hosting is only needed if you want to list Dynamic home listings, projects, portfolio, dynamic restaurant menu, blogging.